Saturday, July 20, 2013

I must confess......I spy with Pinterest and Etsy!

I admit it.  I surf both Pinterest and Etsy looking for fabulous doll clothes and ideas.  Even though I sew,  occasionally I  purchase clothes made by several  exceptional doll clothes maker/designers.   The first thing I do when my purchase arrives it to inspect the garments for "quality" with regard to fabric, construction and sewing techniques.  My most recent purchase was from an Etsy Shop called Mena Bella"   I have made several purchases and have always been impressed with the product, workmanship and guest service of Lin the shop owner.    My decision for my last purchase was based on the fact that Mena Bella had used 2 patterns that I had not used before from my pattern collection.

Capri pattern from All Dollrd Up -
Lin had several outfits for sale that were just too cute to pass up and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to see first hand how she constructed the outfit and what if any modification she made to the garment and pattern.  I aspire to make my garments with the level of quality I find in Mena Bella's products and other Etsy sellers.
I just finished these 2 outfits using the patterns noted above.  I think my Granddaughters will like them.

Sewing notes:  Capri pattern by "All Dolled Up".  This is a great pattern....if you don't have it you should put it on your wish list.  I made the pants with no adjustments and they fit perfectly.
The little fabric bows on the blue denim capris was a copy of the Mena Bella capris.  On the pink pants I added 3 assorted colored buttons a design feature I have seen used by others.

Peplum Top:  Some minor adjustments.   Pattern uses a zipper for closing the back seam.  Some prefer zippers but I like Velcro.   If you have read some of the other comments on this blog you probably know by now that I do not like my tops to fit snug on my dolls or ME.  I did increase the side seam of the back bodice by 1/4" as well as the back center seam by 1/4".  I increased the shoulder top seam by 1/8" and made the waistband longer to cover these adjustments.  The  increases made at the side and shoulder seams affects the it is not as snug.  The increase of the back center seam accommodated the change I made in the construction that differed from the pattern instructions and had no impact on the fit.  The final adjustment was to the ruffle.  I wanted it to look fuller.   On the yellow / blue version I increased the ruffle by 8 inches on the other on I increased it by 16 inches.

I made the waistband in a contrasting fabric on the pink set.   I also made a ribbon belt with a pink bow attached to add a little interest (cuteness) to the top.   The detachable belt and bow was my hubby's idea as I could not decide whether I liked it or not.   He said make it a separate piece and you don't have to be concerned one way or the other.


  1. Adorable. Thanks for posting and your comments about pattern changes. I made my top with velcro too. Will have to check out capri pattern.

  2. Love the colour combination! I have an Australian Girl Doll and had to make similar adjustments to get a good fit as the Australian Girl Dolls are slightly bigger. I think the extra fullness in the ruffle makes the top even cuter. I might just have to try the Capri pants. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Just found your blog!!! Sew exciting. We are giving our grand DD's "Bitty Babies" for Christmas this year, Gotta start them young! Ha Can't wait to look back on some of your older posts. Your AG clothes are sew sweet, lucky grands to have you making so many nice things