I'm not all about dolls and doll clothes I do have other interests.   I'm a AFOL (adult fan of Lego).   I was a "late bloomer" with regard to LEGO.  As a child and parent I had no interest in them nor had ever purchased any.  I was shopping in a TRU (Toys R Us) for a gift and noticed a "Friends" set, Olivia's Dollhouse that had recently come to market, one look and I was smitten. 
It was early February and with Valentines day approaching I told my husband  that I wanted this diamond ring  $16,660.00
or Olivia's Dollhouse $69.99 as my gift.
 My strategy worked........

I might have stopped with just one set......but then a LEGO store opened in the same mall I was working in.  I immediately felt at home in the LEGO store the staff there is exceptional.  Always smiling and helpful soon we were on a first name basis.    So I purchased a few more "Friends" sets.  
Then one day while I was shopping at the LEGO store I must have looked confused and a nice young man (also shopping) struck up a conversation with me.  Trenton gave me some LEGO advice and tips and then handed me a slip of paper with the website info of the local LUG group (LEGO user group).
When I got home I went on Face book and joined the group.   I was a bit nervous but decided that I would attend a LUG meeting.   I met the most amazing diverse group of people there......all with the same passion "a love of LEGO."   

 I bought more Friends sets.....but soon found that I owned all of the Friends collection and it would be several months before new items would be introduced.   I decided to expand my interest to their Creator series.

Had fun this past weekend at the 2013 Home and Garden Show.   Our local LUG group was invited to be part of the event.   We had a booth in the Kids Corner section.   Came to the event with tons of LEGO for the children to play and create with.  We also had tables with MOC's done by our members.    I had this on display.  A triplex....modified Friends Cafe with a 2 floor apartment on top.

Decided to combine my love of LEGO and all things American Girl.  I made an end table.  As you can see Almut is relaxing while enjoying some sweet treats.  I am still tweaking the table.  I have ordered several different size white and pink tiles to make it a smooth pattern table top.

Latest Lego Projects

Having fun....I belong to a LEGO user group (LUG). We are working on a new display with a Western theme to replace the Super Hero theme that is currently on display at Union Station in Kansas City. Hence my new found interest in Tee Pee's and coffins (LOL

I purchased the new Comanche Attack set to help fill the Union Station display.  It has a cute Tee Pee in it.  Our display is planned to have an Indian Village in it which will include a 1/2 dozen or more Tee Pee's.   Not wanting to have all the Tee Pee's look exactly alike I made some extra covers to change the look. 

This picture shows the Tee Pee as Lego has designed it.

My cover design # 1

Design cover # 2

Design cover # 3

Western Theme LEGO Display

It was so exciting to see this LEGO project come together. It's almost done some minor tweaking here and there. If you live in the Kansas City area.....stop by and get a closer look at our western theme display at Union Station. The picture is great but it is a "must see" in person. This display was created by KC Brick Lab LUG (Lego user Group).

If you look close you can see 3 of my Tepee's off in the distance.  On the street in front of the building "store" you can see one of my covered wagons the other one is up the street by the Saloon.   I have a "Pony Express Office" in there too. 

My contribution is very minor compared to the efforts of other members.   They are very creative and talented I am just lucky that they put up with me.   :>)

My MOC - Pont Express Office

The Covered Wagon

I found the instructions for this wagon on Flicker.   The creator of this
design goes under the name Legozilla.    I did make a few changes to it.

This is an "awesome" Lego Christmas tree


If you're familiar with my blog you know I work for Build-A-Bear and I am an
AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) so it was inevitable that I would merge my 2 loves.  I am making
a Build-A-Bear Store out of LEGO.  My plan is to make it from the inside out.  Once I
complete the interior I will make the outside of the store.  

Here is a "sneak peak" at the STUFF ME station.   It's still needs a bit of tweaking and I
have a few more parts on order.

"Fluff Me" station - The LEGO Version

"Hear Me" station - The LEGO version

"Dress Me" station -  The LEGO version

"Take Me" station -  The LEGO version

"Putting it all together"!   So this is what the Build-A-Bear Store out of LEGO looks like.

There are more picture in my Flicker album here:

More of my LEGO MOC'S

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  1. LOL the coffin...

  2. We are kindred spirits! I have just now started sewing American Girl doll clothes for my nieces and recently got my own doll too. Before that, my son and I played with our Legos and still do. I collect Harry Potter as well as the Series Minifigures. I am currently trying to build a Honeydukes but that is on the back burner as I try out new doll clothes patterns.

    I truly enjoy reading your blog! Keeping having fun with AG and Legos ;)

    1. Such a sweet comment. Check out my links to sites with free patterns....Check with your nieces for any of their favorite clothes that they have outgrown to use to make them doll clothes. Warning....making doll clothes can be addicting. Have fun.