Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Pictorial" to make a PVC Chair for your favorite 18" doll

                                    PVC Sling Chair Frame Pictorial
                                 for 18” (AG) Dolls
       by Suzi More  -



Materials needed:

½ inch PVC pipe  -   sold in 10 foot length.  You will need about 4 ½ ft for 1 chair.  You can
                                 make 2 chairs or save the extra pipe for another project.

8  -  PVC elbow connectors (90 degree angle)
4  -  3 way connectors


Cut list:   Usings a PVC pipe cutter or some other tool cut the pipe into pieces listed below.

6  -  5 inch pieces
2  -  4 ½ inch pieces
2  -  3 ½ inch pieces
4  -  1 ½ inch pieces

Cuts List.jpg

PVC Prep:

I used the 100% acetone nail polish remover to remove the print and bar codes from the PVC pipe and connectors.


*  I did not use PVC cement to permanently glue the chair together.
The PVC connectors fit snug and the chair was sturdy for a doll.   If you decide to glue the chair pieces together be sure to add the fabric sling prior to doing so or you could design the sling to attach with Velcro.

Steps :             1 & 2

Step 1b.jpg

Step 1a.jpg

Step 3

Step_3 SB.jpg

Step   4

Step_4 SB.jpg

Step  5

Step_5 SB.jpg

Step  6

Step_6 SB.jpg

Step  7

Step_7 SB.jpg

Step  8

Step_8 SB.jpg

Step  9

Step_9  SB.jpg

Step 9 (cont.)


Step 10

Step_10 final.jpg
Fabric Sling:

Cotton, Twill, home deco fabrics.  I did use duck cloth for one of the chairs and it was too firm for my taste.

Fabric cut size:   6”  X  19 ¼   ”
Finished Sling size:    5”  X  14 ¼ ”

I crafted the finished sling to be 5” wide to cover the joints on the seat and headrest.   I’ve seen the chair covers made narrower to meet at the joint edges and I did not care for that look.

Fold over the two long edges of fabric ¼”,press and fold over again ¼”.  Stitch the folded edges in place with either a straight or zig-zag stitch.

Fold over the two short ends ½” and press.  Fold both short ends again 2 inches.  Stitch along the folded edge to create the casings to run the PVC pipe through.

Since I did not glue the chair frame together I pulled the frame  apart and
installed the sling as shown in the pictures below.   Then snapped the pieces back in place.




This is my first “pictorial”.  I enjoyed stumbling through  it’s creation.   I hope you find  it
helpful and make lots of chairs for your favorite 18” dolls.   

Suzi More

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lazy Days of Summer

I've had this project on my "to do" list for a long time, I finally decided that I had to get these hammocks made before my Granddaughters arrive next week.   I went to Lowes and with the assistance of a very helpful salesperson I purchased everything I needed to make 2 hammocks. 
First things first.  Here is the link to the instructions to make these hammocks.
Cost of the materials to build to hammocks
PVC, clear cement, assorted screw eyes, wooden dowels = $22.53
Fabric (cotton duck) 1/3 YD per hammock  = $4.76
Total $27.29  = $13.63 per hammock.
Hints/tips - Hammock Stand:  The PVC comes with printing all over it even the connectors had printing/ bar codes on them.   After I cut all the pieces to size,  I removed the printing using a rough side of a nail file.  I cleaned/dried all the connectors thoroughly.  Assembly was a snap and only took a few minutes.  I did what I call a dry assembly first to make sure everything fit properly and that the base sat level on my counter top.  I took the stand apart and then glued each segment per the instructions.
Hammock:  Wooden dowels and string.   I did this part a bit different from the instructions.  Instead of string I used white  100% polyester cording 3.22mm.  I also changed the way that the cording was to be attached to the dowel.   The instructions suggested cutting a notch in each end of the dowel.   I wanted something sturdier and chose to screw a metal eye into the dowel ends.   The instructions called for 5/16 wooden dowel, I opted for 3/8 inch dowel. 
Side note:   This is a hammock and by nature hammocks generally require a little bit of balance on the part of a human and or doll when you use it.   So when placing your doll into it you will have to do some adjustments to have your doll balanced properly.   I have fabric cut and sewn for 4 more hammocks and will be making a trip to Lowes for more PVC.   These were fun and easy to make and I would definitely encourage you to make them.   I don't have a workshop and own very few tools, since I planned on making more of these as well as other PVC doll furniture items I purchased a PVC pipe cutter and easily cuts 1 - 1/4 PVC.