Monday, March 10, 2014

New pattern by Littleabbee


For those of you who are familiar with my blog you may remember my review with pictures of Bailee's wonderful Pajama pattern.   Although I have never met Bailee she saw my post and contacted me about testing her new A-Line Dress pattern.   Needless to say I was delighted to help.

Here are a few pictures of my doll wearing the new Little Abbee design.

Pattern review:  
This is a basic A-Line form fitting dress.   2 pattern pieces.   Easy and quick  to make.  Easy on your pocketbook because it's form fitting requiring minimal dress fabric and lining fabric.  The simple design lends itself to bringing out your creative talents.   
My Mom always wore A-Line dresses.   I was always amazed how she managed to make the same style dress look so different by adding a few accessories.   An infinity scarf draped softly around the dolls neck and down the front, a ruffle added to the bottom hemline (easy/peasy), detachable collars of different styles and colors would change and add to the look too.   So many options! 

I typically use Velcro to close the back....Bailee designed this sweet A-line dress to close using button straps made out of fabric (see close up ) you could use ribbon for this also.  The back center seam comes together perfectly and adds some fun detail to the back.    Instructions for the fabric flower are also included.

My Granddaughters will be visiting again this Summer and this dress will be the perfect sewing project for the girls to do.    This pattern get's two thumbs up from me I'd give 3 thumbs up but I only have two thumbs...:>)

Other notes:    I tried the dress on the various dolls I have.   It fit my Journey Girl and Via-E dolls though it was not as form fitting.   To my surprise it fit my Our Generation Doll which has a thicker body and broader shoulders.  

Hints:  The pattern states 1/4 inch seams and because it is form fitting you want to adhere to that seam requirement.