Learning to Sew

Grandsons Tommy and Scotty are visiting for a few weeks.   They asked if they could make something on my sewing / serger machines........"why not"?   So we decided on pillow covers,

They had to design their covers and shop for their fabric.   The boys sketched out their designs.
On Tommy's drawing.....I asked about the lone blue A........he said that since I already know how to spell Allen he did not think he had to write it all out. Scotty told me his final decision on the stick people order is subject to change

Fabric shopping in the a.m. Tommy picked 3 colors for his pillowcase.......which had a design change to be a pillow cover with an opening mid back. Black for the main color. Red fabric to spell out "Tommy" and blue fabric to spell out "Allen" in block style letters across the front of the pillow. Scotty also changed designs.....his 2 fabric choices.....ocean blue and white. His cover will have stick people ironed on....depicting family members. Mom, Dad, himself, his brother and Benny. Right now the most challenging part for Scott is the placement order of the people on his pillow cover. He's decided to add "Allen Family" to his pillow cover. Some how this craft project is morphing by the minute

Scotty working the serger.
Tommys turn serging his fabrics.....after they finished serging the cut edges of the fabric to prevent them from fraying....they were off to the laundry room to wash their pieces. They "got it"....that it's important to wash the fabric before making their covers to avoid shrinkage problems


  1. wow! they look so grown up!! i love the confidence of youth!! and you are a terrific grandma for letting them learn!! too many grandmas would be afraid they'd make a mess or break something! God bless you--and them!!!