Sunday, November 2, 2014

LEGO Christmas Idea:

I just love Pinterest.    I came across a "pin" featuring a LEGO Candy Dispenser and a pictorial on how to make it.   This is the link to the original post: on the Frugal Fun for Boys blog.

I decided it would be a great idea to give my Grandchildren a kit to make their own candy dispenser for Christmas.   I made one according to the directions and it came out nice and functioned just as a candy dispenser should.

I need to make about a dozen of them (Grandchildren & friends) so in the interest of minimizing the part count I decided to streamline the build to suit my needs and budget.

The children will get these "unassembled".   The package will include all the pieces, candy and instructions to build their own candy dispenser.

Here's a picture of the 2 styles I will be making.  

For building and instruction purposes I broke the dispenser
 into 3 sections - bottom, middle and top.   If you click on the words below
it will bring up the parts list for each of the sections.   I used LDD Manager to
generate the parts list and the building instructions.   The part #'s listed on the
right will be helpful in your search for the parts you may need.  The candy dispensers
shown above are basically the same....I  used different colored bricks for variety. 

Boy Dispenser - PARTS LIST LINKS


I could not fix the "middle" link here's a list of parts needed for the middle sectuion.
I've tried and tried to recreate the link and have no luck. So I will type the parts list here for the middle section;

(1) 1x2 Blue brick,
(4) 2x2 Yellow brick,
(2)2x3 Blue brick,  
(4) 2x4 Yellow brick,  
(2) 2x2 yellow tile, 
(1) wheel suspension 2x4 with snap Light Blue grey,  
(1) Plate 2x2 (rocking) LBG, 42118841
(4) 2x3 Brick blue, 
(2) 2x2 Brick blue, 
(2) 1x6 Yellow brick, 
(2) 1X6 Technic brick blue, 
(2) 4x4 Yellow Plate,:  
(4) 1x2x1 Yellow wall element,  
(2) 2x2 White brick,  
(3) 1x4 Blue brick, 
(2) 1x6 Blue brick,  
(2) 2x2 White tile, 
(1) 6x12 White plate, 
(1) Rocker Bearing 1x2 DBG. #4211066 

Hope this helps. Email me if you have any questions.

My gift packaging plans:  As an AFOL I have an over-abundance of the small Pick-A-Brick cups and lids from my many visits to the LEGO store.   I decided I would use these cups to hold the LEGO pieces and candy.     I'm going to design a label with a Christmas theme that will wrap around the cup and top it off with a bow glued to the lid.   It's easy, cute and most importantly affordable.

There is a great program (free) that you can download from the LEGO Digital Designer.   If you have that program I have posted links for the different sections of the  "Boy" candy dispenser below.   Though the LDD program is it generates a building guide showing pieces going together sometimes it does not piece them together in a logical order.

In order to use the LDD links below you must have  LEGO Digital Designer program on your computer:   You can download this free programs at: LEGO Digital Designer program

Boy Dispenser LDD LINKS

Girl Dispenser LDD LINK

I'm getting more proficient with the LDD program and was able to rework the girl candy dispenser into one file.  There is no need for a separate parts list as one is included. 


  1. Great idea. Buying legos now. What do you mean by plate modified 2x4 w pins?

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    2. Hi...Here is a link to the part.

  2. Can one order the individual pieces from Lego?

    1. Hello, Yes you can order some parts from LEGO. LEGO however does not offer all parts for sale. The prices start at $0.10 but most are higher. I find the prices much cheaper on Bricklink.

  3. how much to buy from you?

  4. Hi.....I don't sell these. It was a LEGO craft project I did for my Grandchildren as part of their Christmas gifts last year. The links to make the candy dispenser (instructions/parts) are on this page.

  5. Can you streamline any lego craft project

  6. I just priced this out to be about $ there anything cheaper? would like to do for birthday party favours/game but 26 x 12 kids.....too much money!

    1. Sadly no....that sounds about right if you have to order the majority of the parts. They were great for Xmas gifts for my Grandchildren and children of friends given sparingly.

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  8. What type file is the girl's dispenser list? I am not able to open it. Thank you.

    1. Here's the link to the LDD application.

  9. In order to open the link listed under "Girl Dispenser LDD Link" you must have the LEGO Digital Designer program which you can download free at

  10. this just gave me an idea to make things for my american girl doll out of lego!! now going to make a chair, and hopefully not fail...:)