Monday, August 4, 2014

Lazy Days of Summer

I've had this project on my "to do" list for a long time, I finally decided that I had to get these hammocks made before my Granddaughters arrive next week.   I went to Lowes and with the assistance of a very helpful salesperson I purchased everything I needed to make 2 hammocks. 
First things first.  Here is the link to the instructions to make these hammocks.
Cost of the materials to build to hammocks
PVC, clear cement, assorted screw eyes, wooden dowels = $22.53
Fabric (cotton duck) 1/3 YD per hammock  = $4.76
Total $27.29  = $13.63 per hammock.
Hints/tips - Hammock Stand:  The PVC comes with printing all over it even the connectors had printing/ bar codes on them.   After I cut all the pieces to size,  I removed the printing using a rough side of a nail file.  I cleaned/dried all the connectors thoroughly.  Assembly was a snap and only took a few minutes.  I did what I call a dry assembly first to make sure everything fit properly and that the base sat level on my counter top.  I took the stand apart and then glued each segment per the instructions.
Hammock:  Wooden dowels and string.   I did this part a bit different from the instructions.  Instead of string I used white  100% polyester cording 3.22mm.  I also changed the way that the cording was to be attached to the dowel.   The instructions suggested cutting a notch in each end of the dowel.   I wanted something sturdier and chose to screw a metal eye into the dowel ends.   The instructions called for 5/16 wooden dowel, I opted for 3/8 inch dowel. 
Side note:   This is a hammock and by nature hammocks generally require a little bit of balance on the part of a human and or doll when you use it.   So when placing your doll into it you will have to do some adjustments to have your doll balanced properly.   I have fabric cut and sewn for 4 more hammocks and will be making a trip to Lowes for more PVC.   These were fun and easy to make and I would definitely encourage you to make them.   I don't have a workshop and own very few tools, since I planned on making more of these as well as other PVC doll furniture items I purchased a PVC pipe cutter and easily cuts 1 - 1/4 PVC.