Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cute Handbags

I have been using scrap pieces in my overflowing fabric scrap box to make these handbags.
I've had this pattern for awhile but I  never got around to using it. 
 Now I can't stop making them.   I've made my own adjustments to the sewing instructions/procedures that I felt would be worth sharing.

Interfacing:  Fold the 5 x 7 interfacing piece in half and the fold again so all the corner edges are together.  Clip a rectangular notch in all four layers at once.  This simple step will eliminate having interfacing in the seam and fold over area where it's not needed.
  Trim piece:  The pattern details having a 1/4 inch wide trim piece.  I made the trim
piece 1/2 wide..
  Instead of cutting 2 - 1 x 5 pieces I cut 1 piece of fabric 2 x 10.   Fold it in half lengthwise (wrong sides together) press to create a crease line. Then open it out and fold the raw edges on both sides in to meet the crease line.   Trim 1/4 inch along the raw edge of one of the folded in sides and angle cut the short ends (as shown in the picture below).   Refold the trim piece in half and cut the trim piece in half to get the 2 - 5 inch long trim pieces needed.   You will want to angle cut the newly cut ends.
Button:  I machine sewed the button onto the front while it was still a flat piece.   I marked the center of the front panel with disappearing ink and placed my the top of the button was slightly below the bottom of the trim piece and machined sewed the button in place.  The button placement was based on 1/2 wide trim, if you use 1/4 trim you will need to adjust accordingly.
Want a reversible handbag?   Sew a  button onto the front of the lining piece while it is still a
flat piece. 


  1. Oh I have had so much fun making bags from this same pattern! My daughter loves coming up with the different combinations of fabrics and closures.