Friday, June 10, 2011

Bathwraps etc

I made these bathwraps for the girls.   Added a friend to hang out with Kiki.   Her name is Almut.  While I was shopping at Target just before Easter, I found these pretty hand towels and I thought they would be perfect for this project.   It was also cost effective.   The towels came in a set of 3.   The bath and head wraps ended up costing $1.50 per outfit.   I didn't use any pattern for these just figured out how to make them by looking at other sets on the web.


  1. do you think you could make a pattern for the hair towel?

    1. Hi Bree,

      I should be able to. I have some not quite finished and they are in my unfinished project box......I will trace the shape on paper and try and get it scanned into my computer. I did the head wraps in 2 sections with the seam up the middle. At the narrower end (back) I attached a loop of elastic into the seam. On the front I put a 1 inch button. The secret to the wrap is in the twisting. I did make some head wraps with elastic on the bottom edge and made some without elastic. I liked them both ways. I will try to get it posted tomorrow.


  2. is this pattern been posted yet

  3. I would love to see how you made theses. Do you have a pattern?