Tuesday, June 3, 2014

If you like pleats then this Easy Peazy Pleats pattern is for you.

Oh I do have a charmed life.   I could sew doll clothes 24 /7.   I found this Easy Peazy Pleats pattern by Olive ann designs OAD82.   The pattern lives up to it's name.   This "pull on pull off" dress was a joy to make.

Link to pattern:

  Here's a few pictures of my attempts:

Pattern review and tips:   I am very pleased with this pattern and the dresses.  It is a "pull on, pull off" style.
I made my first dress following the instructions and the dress fit well but I sew doll clothes for several little one's and I felt that the "pull on, pull off" feature would be a challenge for them so I made the next dress with a fully open back seam that closes with Velcro.   On my next dress I cut the back along the fold line.   Sewed the 2 pieces back together (1/4" seam) but stopped 2 inches from the top.   I pressed the entire seam flat then top stitched along the opening.   I then used an elastic loop and button to close the 2" opening.   I preferred the non-Velcro option. 

*  Have your iron "hot and ready to go"  in order to insure crisp pleats you need to press as you sew.

*  Keep your measuring tools and fabric pen close by.   Using these tools will help you have perfectly sized
    pleats and a dress that fits properly.

*  I used a fabric pen to number my pleats in the seam line area at the top of the front and back pieces.  I am
    old and sometimes get confused so this was helpful for me, but you may not need to do this.  After making
    3 dresses I figured I would not have to mark so I decided not to.   So I ended ripping out several pleats

*  If you decide to do the Velcro or 2" opening noted above you may want to place the back pattern piece
   1/4" above the fabric fold line making the back piece larger to accommodate a wider fold over area for 
   Velcro and 2" opening options.    Do this for the back facing piece also.  Once you cut along the fold line        finish the cut edges.      . 

*  For a different look you may consider not adding the bottom band.   I would recommend making the 
    front and back pieces 1 1/2 inch longer for the hem without impacting the length of the dress.


  1. Hi Suzi, this dress is sooooo cute! Love the pleats and yours turned out great :) Shame they don't have PDF patterns... maybe one day they will hopefully.