Friday, April 27, 2012

Tissue Boxes for your AG Doll and you.

Always have tissues handy for both you and your AG doll.    Free printable layouts for  Kleenex "Boutique" box for you and a matching mini one for your doll.

prints 3 on 1 sheet 
Click on the link below and save as a JPEG on your computer.
Print in portrait mode

Card stock, printer, glue or double sided tape, scissors,
Bone Folder and a little bit of tissue or toilet paper.

Boutique "Doll" size

Kleenex (flat box)
3 different layouts on 1 sheet. "NO" glue needed
Click on the link below and save as a JPEG to your
computer.   Print in portrait mode.

                           Boutique "People" size layout
2 pages
Click on the links below and save as JPEG to your
computer.   Print in landscape mode.

Click on the link below to see "you've Got Mail" another printable layout to share.


  1. Wow!! That is so cute & fun :) Thanks for the pattern!!!!!

  2. Sharing your blog with all my readers you are fantastic!

  3. Thank you; I want to do a scene with the Playmate who couldn't come out to play because,"My dollie has the flu." Perfect!

  4. Really good because I have a cold and i spread it to my doll